Baden-Baden: New Yandex algorithm of identifying text spam

Baden-Baden: New Yandex algorithm of identifying text spam

The article will be interesting for people who are promoting their resource in Russia.

On the 23rd of March 2017 Yandex has announced the introduction of a new algorithm on identifying pages with the excessive use of key words. New algorithm is called Baden-Baden. According to the company representatives the sites that have articles like in the example below will be banned in search systems:

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If you still use such texts in your website your positions in search results inevitably will become lower because of overused keywords.

How to avoid Baden-Baden filters

  1. Informative value of the content for a user should be in priority, unlike the number of key words. The more useful the text is, the better it is for search systems.
  2. The text should be relevant, 1-2 keywords on a page is enough.
  3. Don’t use complicated words and structures. Use simple vocabulary and speech patterns, avoid using scientific terms (except cases when your target audience is a scientific community).
  4. Pay attention to the text arrangement: structure and outlining of main aspects influence the perception of the content.
  5. Check again all the old materials on the site if they correspond the new standards not to be influenced by filters.

What will change with the introduction of a new algorithm?

  • No doubt, the approach to the work with content will change after the introduction of a new algorithm.
  • You can expect a fall of your website in the search results very soon, but if you are sure that everything is ok with the articles in your resource, don’t jump the gun to edit them. The site is likely to return to its position in search results pretty soon.
  • Eventually, SEO-articles will become an anachronism, first of all, think about making the content useful.


In this day and age the most important thing that you should take into account is that step by step search systems are improving, and it will be impossible to use their drawbacks soon. Efficiency of a website promotion can be provided only by using marketing tools that will be useful for your audience.