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Theme 'Atlas'

Responsive theme will improve your website's interface and usability. Theme 'Atlas' is unique and made especially for our product

In a new software version 1.18 a new function is added: RTL languages support

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Module 'Moderators'

This module allows to add moderators, who are enabled to: manage listings, news, Q&AS, reviews, bookings and comments, manage users, excluding administrator

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Module 'Messages'

This module allows to do correspondence on the site: exchange messages between registered uses and the administrator, organize internal newsletters

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Module 'Site map'

This module allows you to: display links to all sections of your website within one page, create xml-version for search robots

html sitemap xml sitemap

Module 'Slide-show management'

It allows you to manage the slide-show on the home page with just a few clicks of your mouse

With the help of this module you can: manage images from the admin panel, set titles for images, set links for images

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Module 'Booking Calendar'

It allows to: mark the periods when the property is free or reserved, display a calendar with visual information about it (free and reserved days are highlighted with different colors) on the listing's page

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Module 'Posting of listings to social networks'

This module allows to post the title and the reference to the listing automatically on:, Twitter after adding/approval by moderators


Module 'Import/Export of listings'

With the help of this module you will be able to: load listings in the format of a csv file, download listings in the format of a csv file

It allows to: interact with different realty databases, make a backup copy of listings base

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Module 'Tariff Plans'

This module let you: create paid tariffs for users, limit the ability to view and to list a property, limit the validity of the tariffs

It doesn't work without the module 'Paid Services and Payments'

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Module 'Paid services & payments'

With the help of this module you will be able to add a payment system to your site and receive payments from your clients for: putting the listing at the top of search results, highlighting the listing (marking it as a special offer), addition of the listing to the slide-show on the home page

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Module 'Yandex.Realty'

This extension will allow you to transfer the listings from the site to one of the largest and frequently visited realty databases in Russia

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Module 'Location'

It will let you specify not only the city where the property is, but its region and its country as well. Therefore, the search form will be changed according to it, so that the listings can be found easier and more quickly

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Module 'Seasonal prices'

With the help of it you will be able to different prices for different periods of the year to 'Rent' listings

For example, you can set the rent price $100 per month for the period from January, 1 till May, 31. For the period from June, 1 till August, 31 - $200 per month. From October, 1 till December, 31 - $100 per month

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Module 'The extended form editor'

With the help of it you will be able to: add new fields, edit fields, add them into the search

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Module 'SEO'

This module offers you extended functions on search engine optimization of your website

Ability to set: url, meta title, meta keywords, meta description for: listings, news, other website sections

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Module "History of changes"

With this module you can monitor changes, done by users or moderators (with module 'Moderators' installed).

All modifications are logged in the following areas: 'Listings', 'Comments', 'Complaints', 'Booking', 'Users', 'Reviews'. 'Clients', 'Articles'


Module "Subway stations"

Module allows to attribute an object to a subway station. The search form changes accordingly, what enables an easier and quicker search

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Module "GEO"

Automatically identifies country, region, city. Allows to configure autopopulating of the identified location into the search and filter on the main page and into the listing form.

Module "GEO" works only with default database of countries, regions and cities, which is provided with module "Location"


Online chat "JivoSite"

JivoSite is a great live chat for you website by our partners.

Your users will interact with you online and become your clients faster.

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Online chat "JivoSite" is not a module and not included in paid versions of Open Real Estate.

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Use conditions of paid add-ones:

  • You can use the chosen module only on one website;
  • First installation of the chosen module to the client's website we do for free, for this purpose we need ftp-access to the website;
  • We can fix module's bugs fo free within 2 months from the date of acquisition provided that the bug was in the original code (we are not responsible for client's changes in the module); But you will have to pay for the correction of the bug if the module was changed and the bug occurred because of these changes. The sum will be evaluated individually;
  • We provide a new version of a module for your request for 3 months from the moment of purchase;
  • Purchase of a module doesn't entitle free technical support of the product and its functions not related to the acquired module.You may get free advice on our forum;
  • We do not refund the money in case the functionality of the module doesn't correspond to the user's expectations. You may have a look at the functions of each module on our on-line demo site CMS Open Real Estate PRO;
  • We can update the client's module for free within 2 months from the acquisition date, in case of changes in work of third-party services (for example, changes in the mechanism of work of 'Yandex.Maps', 'Robokassa', etc). We provide the corrected version of the module after expiration of 2 months from the date of acquisition only if we have the latest version of the module;
  • Passing of the module to any third party without tentative agreement with us is forbidden.

The given conditions can be modified without any prior notice of the user. The given conditions is an open and public document. The current edition of the conditions can be found on the Internet with the url: The user agrees to check the conditions for modifications on his/her account. The user's failure to familiarize with the conditions or its modified edition can't serve as a ground for the User's obligation default and omission to observe the restrictions, stated in the conditions.

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