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Support plans

Technical Support Plans

$20 p.h. above norm
$25 p.h. above norm
$30 p.h. above norm
Manager response time 2 hours 6 hours 8 hours unregulated
Limit working hours 30 n/h 8 n/h 3 n/h 0 n/h
The ability to order any number of extra hours over the limit
Unspent hours are not transferred to the next month
Forum support
Email Support
Skype support
Programmer consultation
Order * Order * Order *

* When ordering this product, you agree to the terms of Support terms.

All our clients of the free version are by default connected to the Free rate. Support for this tariff is carried out only on the forum without any guarantees for the response time as well as for the answer in general.

When contacting, you must specify your email address and site address. Otherwise, support will be provided at the Free rate.

Consolidated working hours data

Installation of 1 version on 1 domain - 1 n/h
Answer to 1 question - ⅙ n/h

Maximum response time to contact technical support

The response time to the request includes only working hours, according to the mode of operation of the technical support service. The technical support service is open from 9:00 to 17:00 (Moscow time) from Monday to Friday, except for official holidays in the Russian Federation.

Advice on the functionality of Open Real Estate

  • Assistance in installing and configuring the script
  • Consultation on the functionality and capabilities of the script
  • Solving problems encountered in the process of working with the script

This type of support does not imply advice on general computer issues, setting up server software, but only on the use of our product.

Estimation of cost and duration of work

n/h - working hour - is a scope of work in hours, which is necessary for solving the problem or making the customization. This is estimated by programmer for each case separately. Duration and cost of work can be different for each case, because mistakes, problems and rework requirements may vary.