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Support terms

Terms and conditions for software technical support services

Free technical support services are provided only for paid software versions Open Real Estate BASIC, Open Real Estate PRO and Open Real Estate ULTIMATE on the terms described in technical support regulations.

Users of Open Real Estate FREE and users of paid versions with expired period of technical support services can get technical support only on the forum, according to the forum rules: 'The forum is not guaranteed mean of customer and user support. So you should not expect immediate answer or any answer at all. There is a message limit 3 messages/day'.

Before you apply specify the following information: name of your domain and your e-mail address used while purchasing the software version.
It is impossible to clearly and consequently describe and solve the majority of problems by phone, so we do not support our customers for this type of communication.

Technical support regulations

1. General Terms

  • 1.1. Technical support is provided to:
    • 1.1.1. Customers and users, who purchased a paid software version legally and have unexpired support period from the moment of purchasing the software.
    • 1.1.2. Potential users of a paid software version or partners.

  • 1.2. Technical support hours: from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Moscow time, on weekdays. Technical support providing is not guaranteed during non-working hours, at official weekends and on official holidays of the Russian Federation.

  • 1.3. The technical support providing is guaranteed only on condition that:
    • 1.3.1. Technical support service should be active (period of support should be unexpired since the date of purchase).
    • 1.3.2. Version of the software should be up to date(the latest version should be installed).
    • 1.3.3. The terms and conditions of the License Agreement should not be violated.

  • 1.4. If some terms and conditions mention in p.1.3 are not followed, the technical support request can be declined.

  • 1.5. The users of version support of which is lapsed or limited are proved with only already known solutions and already existed bug fix.

  • 1.6. The update of a website to a new version with saving all the information, improvements and changes in a code and teamplates is estimated extra.

  • 1.7. The installation of one version of a software one time after purchasing of a paid version (Open Real Estate BASIC, Open Real Estate PRO or Open Real Estate ULTIMATE) is free of charge. Further installations cost extra.

2. Response time

  • 2.1. Some problems and tasks cannot be solved in a short term period after the request. We do not guarantee the complete solution of a problem described in the request in a certain time period.

  • 2.2. Response time and time needed to complete the task and its priority is estimated by the technical support team and depend on the level of difficulty of the problem, described in the request.

  • 2.3. Time needed for the solution of the problem can be prolonged on the period needed to provide all the necessary information, demanded from a user.

  • 2.4. If the user does not response on the possible solution of a problem or the request of any additional information in 2 (two) working days the request can be regarded as out of date and work on the request stops.

3. Guaranty on custom development

  • 3.1. The guaranty on custom development is 2 (two) months since the moment of the completion of the project (the moment of the completion of the project is the moment of files transferring with all the improvements to the customer's website, in case of layout and design - the moment of the receiving the template by a customer).

  • 3.2. After 2 (two) month period expired all the bugs found will be fixed for extra money.


4. Limitations and special terms and conditions

  • 4.1. Technical support does not provide services on creating of sites, settings of a duplicate, programming teaching, writing guides (documents) on usage, new features development, testing services, site monitoring, consulting services, adjustment and administration server services, services on hosting adjustment and extra components installation of a server software on hosting.

  • 4.2. We have a right to decline technical support request if the problems have been caused by errors in programming or layout done by other parties or third-parties developers.

  • 4.3. We are not responsible for data communication channels or stability and working speed of a server and hosting, on which software version works.

  • 4.4. If errors are found in work of third-parties producers, the user should send a request to the technical support of the following third-party producer.

  • 4.5. The following terms and conditions can be changed without preliminary notification of a user. The following terms and conditions is an open and public document. The functional editors office is located on the Internet on the following address: https://open-real-estate.info/en/technical-support-rules. The user agrees to check the terms themselves in case of possible changes. If the user does not fulfill the obligation to read and acknowledge with the terms and/or changes of the terms made by the editors office, it cannot be a reason not to fulfill the obligations specified by the terms.

Last updated: October 24, 2016