Open Real Estate Update 1.20.0

Open Real Estate Update 1.20.0


PHPMailer library is updated up to version 5.2.23

Let us remind that a critical vulnerability of PHPMailer versions prior to 5.2.18 was detected in December, 2016. Malefactors could create server files with improvised content, using such site components as feedback forms, registration forms, password reset and recovery tools, etc.

In Open Real Estate 1.20.0 we updated PHPMailer library up to the most recent version 5.2.23.

If you’re still using earlier versions of the script, we recommend to update your site up to the latest version.

Ability to use updated Google reCaptcha2.

New reCaptcha provides a higher-level protection from spamming and hacking and dramatically simplifies users’ verifying thanks to a comfortable interface.

The option is enabled in Settings — Home.


Good news for those who rather use Yandex than Google.

New features in version 1.20.0:

  • Yandex.Maps API is updated up to version 2.1;
  • Yandex.Maps Panoramas are now in listing view form.

Yandex.Maps could be enabled in Settings — Yandex maps.

Flexible search

In version 1.20 objects search form is considerably improved.

Now users can set the desired prices, both maximum and minimum, or either of them, or limit the object search by other criteria.

To manage new features of the search form, you use Forms editor module, which now has a new field type — Range field.

With it you can create fields with search limits for a certain criteria.

Creating listings step-by-step

In the new version we developed a more comfortable way to add listings. Registered users fill out the form step-by-step and the process is handled by tabs switching.

The option is enabled in Settings — Listings.