Open Real Estate CMS 5 year anniversary! A few words about us and 5 year summary

Open Real Estate CMS 5 year anniversary! A few words about us and 5 year summary

Dear friend, we are happy to inform you that our real estate website management system Open Real Estate and our web-studio MonoRay celebrate their 5 year anniversary! In this article we would like to provide you with our 5 year summary and tell you about the results we achieved.

The first version of Open Real Estate CMS was released on the 28th of December 2011.

Would you like to see how it looked like? Here you are:

Homepage of a user's dashboard, version 1.1.2
Homepage, version 1.1.2
Homepage of an administration panel, version 1.1.2
Administration panel, version 1.1.2

There were no opportunity to add several languages, responsive design and a lot of other features in first versions.

You can learn more about the product development on page version history.

It’s not worth saying that since then CMS has been extended to a ready-to-use multifunctional solution that satisfies the main needs of our target audience: real estate agencies and agents, property developers, who promote their business in the net.

How our CMS looks like now:

Homepage of a user's dashboard, version 1.19.1
Homepage, version 1.19.1
Homepage of an administration panel, version 1.19.1
Administration panel, version 1.19.1

Our team about the project:

Sergey Zholobov, developer, about the choice of CMS basis:

"Initially we were in two minds between Yii and Codeigniter. The second one we knew inside out so there was a great temptation to use it. However, our choice of Yii framework as a basis was worth it. By the way, at the same time while looking for answers to our questions we started to lead our own blog with Yii tips with discussions and advice for other developers."

Ivan Trifonov, developer, about Yii convenience:

"In the modern programming there is a good deal of ready-to-use solutions, so there’s no point to reinvent the wheel. There are a lot of plagins, widgets, extensions. Take them and use, and it lets you concentrate on a creative process and enhancing of a product without coding a user registration process and creation of pictures preview for a thousand time. Another advantage of such solution is that it becomes easier to search for specialists. We also took into account the framework community including a Russian speaking one. Active community and documentation are very important. Community gives an amount of target audience and there you can have a talk to like-minded people and find the best solution for common questions. In such a way we also take some participation in framework developing, contributing in framework community. Everybody takes an advantage of it."

Andrey Pasynkov, developer, about Yii and personal choice:

"I believe that Yii choice was the fundamental solution. I decided to give the project a go because I wanted to learn Yii despite I was promised a salary rise in my previous working place. At that moment there were no other frameworks I wanted to work with. I wanted to learn something new and have an opportunity to practice my knowledge. What I can tell now is that it was worth it."

Nicolay Frolenkov, developer, about his attitude to Yii:

"At that time we used to work with first version of Codeigniter, but even at that time it seemed to be outdated and inconvenient. The second version released in 2011 also didn’t give us a lot of advantages. We wanted something new and more interesting with a lot of opportunities that is why we have chosen rather popular framework Yii. Convenient development and flexibility and large opportunities of a software OOB have made our cooperation long and prosperous."

To sum 5 years up: some statistics

  • 46 releases
  • 7 693 commits in repository
  • about 55 thousands downloads of a free version
  • above 3 000 working websites
  • above 1 000 users on forums
  • above 1 000 clients, who used our customization services

In these numbers there are months, weeks, hours that we have spent together trying to improve the product for you, dear customers!

We have completed a long way for 5 years.

It was you who helped us to do it!

That is why first thing we would like to do is to thank you for your ideas about new features, constructive criticism, kind words and reviews.

We would like and we will try to go on being useful for you, develop together and help you to do best in your business!

Kind regards,
team MonoRay