Google news: warning about an increase in spammy links

Google news: warning about an increase in spammy links

A search engine reminds that links purchase doesn’t longer work and makes a detrimental impact on the positions of your resource in search results.

Recent members of Google team published in their blog an article about an increase of spammy links, which referred to as contributor, guest or partner posts. Usually these articles are made by a single site, but placed in other resources.

Google doesn’t forbid this type of articles in cases when the content is useful for the users and published, for example, on purpose to inform about the company activity. But when the main aim of such articles is to redirect a user to the contributor’s website Google may treat is as a violation of links exchange rules.

We remind you that Google lists several cases when the site ranking in search may decrease, they are:

  • Buying and selling links;
  • Extensive links exchange;
  • Articles or comments advertisement with excessive use of links and keywords;
  • Use of the services for making links leading to a site.

Learn more about the rules of links exchange

Representatives of the company give the examples of violation issues:

  • The links with overuse of key words in your articles;
  • Placing of articles in too many different websites;
  • Placing the content made by the authors who aren’t knowledgeable in the subject of their article;
  • Using in texts similar content or its duplication (in this case it is recommended to use rel = «canonical», in addition to rel = «nofollow»).

The meaning of attribute «nofollow» is used for informing search robots that the links shouldn’t be scanned. This is how advertisement links in articles are marked in practice. For search systems Google and Yandex links with this attribute don’t transmit PR and TIC.

The use of spammy links in website is percepted negatively by Google search system and can influence a website ranking dramatically. That’s why Google team recommend you analyzing the content you place in details, and think first if your target audience is interested in the material of the articles you want to share.

When a contributor thinks about placing articles, not about practical use of content, it can influence their quality. Google suggest focusing on the improvements of a website content first.

Resource: Google Webspam Team