Online chat "JivoSite"

Online chat "JivoSite"

Online chat on your website is a necessary feature for every modern client friendly website.

We offer you tried-and-true solution which we use ourselves – JivoSite. It’s a professional online chat for your site by our partners.

We have used JivoSite for more than 2 years and had above 2000 conversations. Our managers have received a lot of offline-messages and saved the whole history of interaction with clients as the chat logs are sent to our e-mail. JivoSite chat is a good alternative to Skype. If you want you can also turn on a feature of receiving phone calls in the software. We are always aware where our clients from. JivoSite localizes the clients’ IP and you know the country and the city the request comes from.

High quality and great technical support are the features of a professional company. We try to uphold the highest standards and respect the companies with the same system of values. One of such companies is JivoSite, our trustworthy partner, who we can highly recommend to our dearest clients!

Why JivoSite?

  1. You users can interact with you live and become you clients faster.
  2. The chat has modern interface and thanks to a lot of different settings will perfectly fit in your site design.
  3. The managers interface has a lot of features and it is very ergonomic that lets one manager to handle up to 5 clients simultaneously without quality fall-off.
  4. A manager can use both PC and mobile devices to work with clients. So you can keep in touch with clients even on a business trip.
  5. Free installation on a site.
    Buy an extended version on JivoSite following our affiliate link and we will install the chat on your site for free!

If you have decided to purchase JivoSite contact us now. We will register your account in our partner’s dashboard!

Online chat "JivoSite" is not a module and not included in paid versions of Open Real Estate.