10 content ideas for a real estate agency

10 content ideas for a real estate agency

The main thing on a website is content, as eventually a user visit any internet resource seeking for information (maybe except gaming). It can be just data about an organisation, for example, contact details, or product overview.

The main aims of a real estate website user are to rent and sell a property. However, your real estate agency resource can bring much more benefits.

Expert content publication on the website gives a lot of advantages.

First of all, you improve the status of your agencyin the eyes of a potential customer. Before hiring a real estate agent any client want to find out how skillful he is. That is why up-to-date and valid information about real estate market, tips for sellers and buyers, renters and landowners will improve the image of your company.

Secondly, relevant articles of high quality are very important for site promotion. Search systems have long been orientated on the articles useful for the users and matching the website topics. If search robots consider your website reliable it will lift it in search results.

Thirdly, when you publish expert articles, you work long term and form loyal targeted audience. Probably a user is not seeking or renting a property at the moment, but he visited your website because he is interested in real estate, market news, and is looking for full and reliable information about the field.

If he finds an answer to his question, and finds your resource useful, there is a high probability that he will remember about the site and return to it while seeking for some other information, or when he will need real estate agent services.

We have analyzed popular real estate portals and offer 10 content ideas, which you can use for the promotion of your company on the Internet.

  1. Market news and analytics

    A client may plan their real estate property deals in the nearest future or in half a year. It’s quite natural that he would like to be in the know about new market trends, analysts’ assumptions, in other words, about the best timing for a deal.

  2. Juridical aspects

    Despite the estate agents’ help in buying and selling properties clients want to understand, that they work work professionals. That’s why the information about selling-purchasing contract execution, legal regulations in real estate field and its amendment will show your adequacy level and the client can make sure once again that a professional only can be aware of all the details.

  3. Mortgage

    Mortgage is a hot-button issue, so clients usually have a lot of questions. So inform the users about different mortgage type, terms and conditions of getting a mortgage, necessary documents and other essential details.

  4. Property insurance

    Property insurance is another important topic, and the majority of clients know few information. Tips on choosing an insurance company, tariffs overview, what should one do if an insurable event happens and what to do to receive insurance compensation. Answers on these ones and other questions will be very useful and show that you really take care of your users.

  5. 'Questions-answers' consultations with specialists

    Give your users to ask a question on your website and get a full relevant answer on the topic.

  6. Interviews with market leaders

    If you involve public opinion leader public interviews with them will significantly increase the significance of your portal both for the users and professionals in the market.

  7. Personal stories

    One of the most exciting sections for your users. You can publish both successful deals and failures, mistakes, something you should know in everyday situations: flat exchange after divorce, difficulties with property inheritance, information about careless real estate developers etc.

  8. Quality of life

    News and reforms of Housing and Utility Infrastructure, tariffs, architectural replanning rules, rules of boilers and counters installation will be especially interesting for just moved-in.

  9. Building and repair tips

    It is a minor topic and it is not connected with real estate property market directly. However, the users who have just bought a flat will be glad to read about such advice on their home improvement.

  10. Researches

    Statistics and research data is important for those who want to keep up with the times: analyze, make forecasts. This information will be essential for both clients and estate agents.