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Series of popular questions about our web software

May I make changes in a product myself?

Sure, Open Real Estate CMS has the open source code! If you have necessary skills in programming, you can customize the product at its own discretion.

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Work with real estate in social networks

Social media for business is a mean of quick communication between a company and a customer, way of detecting the needs of potential buyers, increasing their knowledge about the company occupation and increasing loyalty to the brand.

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13 video formats for a realtor’s or agency’s Youtube channel

We have already mentioned earlier that your own youtube channel will make you different from your rivals. Everybody makes photos of the objects, however, videos are shot not in every agency. That’s why it is insensible to lose such an opportunity to attract the audience’s attention, which according to the specialists’ predictions will become one of the most popular in 2018. We suggest using some video content formats which can be created for your own Youtube channel.

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How to optimize the real estate website for search systems

Real estate is highly competitive industry, that’s why to promote your business online you need to use as many channels as possible, including organic results. In this article we will tell you about the peculiarities of site optimization and how to compete with popular aggregators.

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10 most important elements for a real estate website

We will tell you about 10 essential elements which should be present in every modern real estate website.

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How to promote landing pages

Landing page is a target page, its main task is to inspire a user to complete a particular step: buy, subscribe, fill in an application form. Usually such pages are created to attract advertising traffic, when you promote a particular product or a service.

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How to sell property with video

Video content has become a popular way for business promotion long ago, that’s why it will be a drawback not to use this channel for selling real estate. Moreover, video opportunities in this field are even greater comparing to photos and especially text description.

So why does an agency need a video for selling objects?

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Principles of efficient SMM in real estate

Social networking services are so quickly developing nowadays as they can even become a replacement for a website. In any group or community it is possible to put your goods and services, place application form and write a private message

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5 reasons to start sending newsletters for a real estate agency or a realtor

High quality newsletters may become very efficient for both agents and private realtors. There are some reasons why

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10 ways of finding a client on the Internet for a realtor

E-trading platforms are changing standard are gradually changing standard ways of searching for customers in real estate field. Nowadays calls, advertisement in traditional mass media are going out of date and give way to new Internet opportunities.

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