10 ways of finding a client on the Internet for a realtor

10 ways of finding a client on the Internet for a realtor

10 ways of finding a client on the Internet for a realtor

E-trading platforms are changing standard are gradually changing standard ways of searching for customers in real estate field. Nowadays calls, advertisement in traditional mass media are going out of date and give way to new Internet opportunities.

We suggest you using its advantages and involve all the possible communication channels with the target audience.

1. Your own website

Is it worth telling that you cannot do without a site now? Multipurpose resource which will sell you, your services and objects around the clock will be useful for every real estate agent.

2. Landing page

You can do with a landing page with a clear and, of course, profitable special offer. You should clearly describe your benefits, the main idea of your special offer and, of course, place the gripping point to gather customers' database.

3. Advertisement board

Websites like Avito can become something like printed mass media. Place your objects in all the possible platforms. Make a selling advertisement: texts must work on you as well as in your own website.

4. Email-newsletters

At least newsletters help you to save a lot of time if comparing to phone calls. It's important to give the information in a clear way and clear segmentation of the target audience. Personalized newsletters will definitely touch the spot!

5. Groups in social networks

You can publish listings both in your profile and create your own group. Besides, put there listings with the information about your services or search for suitable offers in already existing large groups specialized in your field.

6. Banner advertisement in real estate portals

It's not the cheapest way, however it lets you to cover a huge audience, what is more target audience.

7. Context advertisement

Site or landing is created for being advertised. Create several listings according to the types of services with the links to the site pages.

8. Communication in forums

In any city there are city forums or forums for people with some particular hobbies. You can choose any forum as different citizens can sell or buy real estate. As for a city platform, quite often there are special sections for properties in the city. Be active in discussions and recomment yourself as a professional.

9. Blogs

You can create a special section in your own website or in special blogging platforms. As for communication with audience the second option will be even better as you will be able to communicate in specialized communities.

10. Video

There is a special category of people who prefer videocontent. The research that has been carried out by TNS agency in June, 2016 showed that online video has covered and influenced more people than Russian TV channels. That's why if you don't use Youtube, it means that you lose a lot of potential customers. Video will be useful for object shooting, you can also film and publish advice on making deals: tutorials will be interesting for users as well.