13 video formats for a realtor’s or agency’s Youtube channel

13 video formats for a realtor’s or agency’s Youtube channel

13 video formats for a realtor’s or agency’s Youtube channel

We have already mentioned earlier that your own youtube channel will make you different from your rivals. Everybody makes photos of the objects, however, videos are shot not in every agency. That’s why it is insensible to lose such an opportunity to attract the audience’s attention, which according to the specialists’ predictions will become one of the most popular in 2018. We suggest using some video content formats which can be created for your own Youtube channel.

1. Object presentation

A video can make the best review of a flat. A photo cannot show every detail, distort the impression about the flat space, however, in a video a person can see all the details. If it’s possible, try to show all the advantages of the object. Before shooting remove all the unnecessary things which may distract a potential buyer.

2. Buyers’ reviews

Few people trust the reviews published i a site with a user’s photo. Video reviews take the advantage here as people are more likely to believe them. It’s clear that the satisfied customers are real people who you helped with their real estate dealing. That’s why ask you customers to record their opinion about your cooperation and tell more about the case and how satisfied with the outcome they are, how much they manage to save and if it was easy to work with you or not. Ideally it should be about 5 minutes long video with a detailed description of the situation and not a brief review like: “Everything is awesome, I recommend these guys”.

3. A story about the agency

You don’t need to film a documentary. It’s better to make short videos which will make an overview about a particular everyday situation. In this case you will always have a topic to cover. You can shoot a film about the agency’s news and show the audience the work organisation inside the company, the so called backstage, tell about corporate culture. It is another way to increase the level of trust to the agency.

4. Video about the district’s infrastructure

Walk around with a camera and shoot the nearest shops, social objects. Video is the best way to transmit the region’s atmosphere, as the client can estimate the real pros and cons of living in this place.

5. Market news

When a user is going to buy or sell a flat, they are striving to make it with the best profit for them. Season, economical climate in a country influence the price of real estate. That’s why a customer, obviously, would like to learn the analytics’ predictions and follow the news. Make it easier for potential buyers, publish regular news overviews which will help a client to be in the know of the situation in the market.

6. “Questions and answers” format

Probably there is a list of frequently asked questions which concern some deals or peculiarities of inheritance disputes with real estate. Answer these questions in your channel so you will recommend yourself as a trustworthy expert.

7. Interviews with experts

In addition to the previous advice you can involve experts in the discussion of the questions. For example, in the inheritance disputes you can address to a lawyer who has an experience in this field.

8. Tips for buyer

One of your tasks is to help your customers to make up their mind about what real estate they want according to their needs. Tell them what they should pay attention to while choosing a commercial property or when a customer purchases a flat not for living but to invest money. What area is better for a family with children, which flat is better for rent. Such questions are especially important for people who have just moved in your city and don’t know the situation in the market. Your advice will be useful for them.

10. Tutorials

Another way to show your professionalism and bring benefits to the target audience. Moreover, it is one of the most popular forms of video in Youtube. Simple step by step guides in an easily understood form.

11. Humor

Such format of content doesn’t help selling goods directly, but it’s a good way to attract the user’s attention, make them stay in your channel due to entertaining theme videos with reasonable sense of humor.

12. Commercial

No doubt you can use your own channel to announce different special offers and sales of the agency. However, don’t overuse commercials and first of all think of the benefits that you bring to your clients.

13. Construction process

Potential buyers are often afraid of careless builders. That’s why shooting and showing the construction process is a good idea for Youtube-channel. For a future flat owner it will be a great relief to see that the building is constructed according to the schedule and with construction technology compliance.