Basic recommendation for a website promotion

Basic recommendation for a website promotion

The work on the website is not only its creation. If you want to get income from a corporate portal you should constantly attract customers. No doubt, one of the best options is to find an agency. Or, at least, hire a specialist who will manage PR works. But now we recommend you to learn about some basic requirements for a site promotion and check, if your resource corresponds our requirements.

Register in analytics systems and upload counters on your website

The very first thing you should do is to set analytics systems to get the statistics and detailed information about the audience. Register in Register in Yandex.Webmaster and Google Webmaster. After that you can be in the know about everything concerning the site indexing in search systems, potential sanction etc.

Install on the site main statistics services counters such as: Yandex.Mertica, GoogleAnalytics, Liveinternet.

Check site on the technical errors

  1. There should be xml sitemap on the site. You can read more about Yandex.Mertica requirements to the sitemap here

  2. Set the file robots.txt correctly. In the file there are indexing options for search robots. To set the file learn Yandex recommendations

  3. Set 301 redirect of the domain from www to the domain without www and on the contrary

  4. Set friendly URLs

  5. Do away with duplicated content

  6. Check the site on the malicious code and broken links

  7. Frame up the content of the error page 404. There must be a link to the main page or in a section of the site

Optimize the content


Interlinking is a useful way to improve the site ranging in search systems. When you start indexing the site, search robot moves on the links and indexes new pages.

Moreover, using in an article relevant links you attract the user's attention, offer them to learn additional materials on the topic he is interested in and in such a way make them stay longer on your resource.

So a good interlinking will reduce the percentage of refusals, prolong the time the user spends on the site and the user's attention to the pages.

Meta tags title, description, keywords, alt

For each page should be specified relevant key words, title, which is displayed in the browser tab and the description up to 200 signs. Description can be used in the snippet of search results, that is why it should be informative and attractive for users.

For pictures attributive alt is specified, it should include a clear description of a photo and it's better to include key words as well.

SEO module, settings

The position of blocks

Even you want to seem different among your rivals don't be too creative. You should follow the basic rules for the site. A good design is not noticed and effective. Make sure that the main elements are in the right places: contact details in a header, menu is on top or on the right etc. In this way a user will learn how to use the resource faster.


You content can be very good but if it's difficult to read it the user will hardly stay long on your site. Make sure that the text is legible and doesn't make a user to close the tab as soon as possible.


Use "breadcrumbs": it will be much easier for the user to navigate on the site if his way is written up to the current page. One more rule: never use more than 3 levels of nesting. The user should find any necessary information on the site with maximum 3 clicks after visiting homepage.

Еще одно правило – не более трех уровней вложенности. Посетитель должен найти на сайте любую необходимую информацию максимум в 3 клика при переходе с главной.

How can you find anything if the site looks like this?

Unique content

It's not worth telling that interesting unique content makes your resource more valuable, first of all, for users and for search systems as well.

The content can be semantically and technically unique.

Search algorithms are developing and nowadays semantically unique texts are more important. You should aspire to provide your client with useful information which he can find only in your site. It will make the content high demand and the site more popular.

You can protect your original texts from plagiarism via service "Original texts" by Yandex, Tell the search robots that your site is the original source of the information if it is true.