How building owners attract customers: a range of residential complex sites

How building owners attract customers: a range of residential complex sites

Let's get straight to the point without many words. In our today's article there are site samples with interesting details which can be taken home for your own project. Yes, get an idea and adjust it to the needs of your own project, not copy it. Let's start!

Residential complex "Bolshoj" in Krasnodar

It's a good example of how a site should solve the tasks and satisfy the needs of the target audience. It seems like the residential complex is specified on active young people. There is a separate block with YouTube channel about a young family's move.

Жилой комплекс 'Большой' в Краснодаре

A curios implementation of an idea about the developed inner facilities. Advantage: mini city inside of the residential complex.

Focus on active living style and its accessibility for residents of the complex.

Club house "Priority" in Saint-Petersburg

Focus on prestige value, elitism, a sense of having been chosen. Combination of colors, the quality of photos tell us about it. Detailed pictures, description of conception work together to attract customers with high statues and income.

Club house 'Priority' in Saint-Petersburg

Another residential complex in St.Petersburg "Diplomat"

Residence for classic lovers as it is stated in a building owner's website.

Residential complex 'Diplomat' in St.Petersburg

Residential complex "Svetly" in Kazan

Simple and understandable site for mass audience. Main screen is clearly set special offer for attracting clients, that is followed by description of the benefits of the building important for most customers of mass section. There are no factories, and there are individual heating and a kindergarden under construction in the area of the residential complex, which is a basic set of conveniences for most families.

Residential complex 'Svetly' in Kazan

Residential complex "Stolychny" in Kazan

A building owner focuses on reliability and convenient options and terms of purchase — mortgage with interest profit margin and initial instalment, interest-free instalment plan. In a section "About complex" there is the description of facilities and access to approval documentation.

Kitties, you cannot do without one.

Plan of the residential complex illustrates developed facilities.

Residential complex "Actor Galaxy" in Sochi

How can you attract visitors' attention in a main resort of Russian Federation except by showing them first-class vacation places and sea views? The complex amenities are not only a beach, equipped playgrounds and convenient parking places, but also a restaurant, a bar and a modern spa center.

Residential complex 'Actor Galaxy' in Sochi

Residential complex "Rimskiy" in Moscow

An example of a great visualization of comfortable residence created by a famous architect.

Residential complex 'Rimskiy' in Moscow

In conclusion, we would like to say that in our opinion the following websites are a good example that the image of the target audience and work with their need help a building owner to find buyers. We call you to think about a potential customer first, while you create a website. It should be not impersonal template but a unique project where you clients' interests are taken into account. Only this can help you organize efficient sales of dwellings.