Instagram for real estate agencies: useful tips

Instagram for real estate agencies: useful tips

Instagram is becoming more popular year by year. It is used by celebrities, businessmen and a lot of successful people, a lot of users are stuck there for 24 hours a day. Taking into account this trend there are several advice on how to create and what to add in your real estate account in Instagram.

Your target audience?

Before creating a real estate agency account, please, decide what exactly you will publish, for what target audience and will you be able to spend enough time for this or not. Abandoned page which is not updated for months will look like ridiculous for a large wide spread in the market company. Closed account also seems strange and repulsive for users. It’s better not to create difficulties in search of information by your potential clients.

Closed account in Instagram

The header design

Description. First thing a user sees is the company description and logo. Don’t forget to list the services you provide and you must put your contact details such as region, site address and contact phone number.

Avatar. When you choose a picture for avatar you should take into account small size and round shape. You can put a logo or a relevant picture which reflects your working field.

А good sample of avatar and contact details
А good sample of avatar and contact details. Instagram of service
A bad example of avatar
A bad example of avatar. Small text is illegible, small pictures.

Photos in Instagram

The main rule is to publish high quality photo. It especially concerns the real estate properties.

Instagram is mainly visual tool where bright high definition quality photos seem to be much more convenient than a text. No doubt, it’s better if the pictures are taken and edited by a professional. If you make photos yourself, please mind that a flat should look tidy and cozy. Photoshop won’t help if the room in a shot is in a mess. Collage is also not the best way of presenting an object. Moreover, making one is really unnecessary – Instagram latest update lets you publishing several photos in a post.

A lot of small photos mix a user up

A lot of small photos mix a user up, besides a signature and sloping lines prevent from good perception of a picture.

Content for Instagram

Photo and videos of objects for selling.

Attractive pictures evoke a subconscious desire to buy an object. You can make a video (up to 1 minute duration) — a small tour in a flat for sale. An interesting idea is to add photos marked as “sold”, it will make your potential clients believe that your agency works successfully.

Active work with photos makes your account vivid
Active work with photos makes your account vivid.

Building process for real estate developers.

The most pleasant thing is to monitor the end of building works in a new flat.

Building process
Building process.


You can add content related to your account and post photos of the most beautiful interiors. If a client is going to buy a flat, they are likely to do some redecoration and fresh ideas will be useful for them.

Market news.

Information about particular aspects of making contracts, analytics and statistics about market, useful tips will show your professionalism and improve the credit to the agency.

Company news.

If a client chooses an agency they don’t only view the objects and estimate the price of the services but also want to trust their real estate agents. That’s why sometimes it is useful to publish more private content from you agency life, for example, corporate holidays or your agents personal achievements.

But it’s important not to overdo with it!

Believe it or not but it will make you closer to your clients.

Agency «100 kvadratov» tells about training their employees
Agency «100 kvadratov» tells about training their employees.

Work with hashtags

  • Hashtags should be relevant to the topic of the post.
  • Maximum number of hashtags for 1 post is 30 but you shouldn’t create spam-like posts and distract the users from the main thing – the picture itself. The best option is 5 hashtags.
  • You can use letters (Russian, Latin), figures, emoji, underscore signs (_).
  • If you have a closed account, the photos are not shown in search results and there is no use in hashtags.
  • You shouldn’t use the most popular hashtags blindly, otherwise your search results will go down in the list quite soon.
  • Don’t make hashtags too long. It’s difficult to percept something like #salesrealestatepropertiesforreasonablepricesinnewyork!