Are landing pages useful in a real estate field?

Are landing pages useful in a real estate field?

Real estate is a highly competitive field, that is why it is very important to use all the possible ways for promotion and advertisement to increase sales. No doubt, one of the ways for attracting clients is creating landing pages for different industry specific requests.

Landing page is a one page site which provides the information about a product or service, the main aim of such a website is to make a customer do something: subscribe, make an order, send their contact details, purchase goods. With the help of landing agencies can promote different services or objects: starts from help in making deals up to selling houses, flats or other properties.

Lading objective

The main aim for creating a landing page for an agency is gathering leads, that means customers’ applies in any possible way from a call, subscription or an application made in a site.

To reach the aim it is better that all the information placed in a landing concerns just an only field of an agency’s or a real estate agent’s work. Moreover, you should provide the information in a proper way: use clear visual images, easy for reading structured descriptions and high quality photos.

Besides, landing in a real estate field can solve the following tasks:

  • differentiation from rivals and attracting attention of a target audience;
  • spreading of the information about an agency’s activities: news, special offers.

Frequent mistakes in landing creation

1. Promotion of several goods or services

The main mistake in creating landing pages is when a site owner tries to put there all the information about an agency. However, such page will benefit more if you make it especially for an only particular topic, for instance, selling flats in a building under construction or renting properties.

Don’t overload landing, otherwise it will be more difficult for a user to percept the information which you try to give them.

What you should do: create a separate landing for each key request or a topic.

2. Not clear offer

Not clear description of your special offer results in a user who feels at a loss and leaves the site without completing an action. Your offer must make a visitor curious at once during first 3 seconds.

What you should do: structure you company offer in a clear way, inform a user about their benefits, offer discounts or participate in an advertising company.

3. The absence of a news hook

Pay attention that you must have a news hook in landing which serves the main objective of the page.

What you should do: it is better to place a contact form in the first screen next to the special offer and a news hook, and only then describe the benefits for a user in details.

4. Too much text information

The main aim of a one page website is to collect applications: contact forms, a client’s call in an agency. If you place long descriptions in a landing page, you kill the sales yourselves: a client is unlikely to read through long badly-structured descriptions. This way you only distract a client from making a target action.

What you should do: delete non-relevant information without remorse, shorten the text so there will be only useful information: strong arguments, which can help the audience to make a decision to your credit.


To sum up the usage of a landing page for a real estate website promotion is, no doubt, quite reasonable.

One of the main advantages of landing comparing to multiple pages website is that it is aimed in selling a particular object or a service. Your target audience will be interested in the information that satisfies their requests.

Furthermore, a full multiple pages website will be much more expensive than creation of a landing page. However, landing can bring much more benefits: income that such a page made in a right way can give you may be much higher than expenses on its creation.