A real estate website: template or unique solution?

A real estate website: template or unique solution?

A real estate website: template or unique solution?

The discussions about the best design solution for a real estate website has been led for a long time and the issue hasn’t been solved yet. What is better: a ready-to-use template or a unique design is a big debate.
We recommend you to make a choice according to the tasks your website should solve.

When to use a template?

The definition of a template repels at first. However, a template perfectly completes the tasks of typical projects. A user can easier get some information about the company, their goods, services and prices.
A user is familiar with the structure of standard websites so they will spend less time to learn to use it and find the information they need.
There are a lot of typical resources which, however, have audience of many thousands. That is why if you need a business card website, landing page or a small corporate website with some basic information about a company, a ready solution fits you.

  1. For a rapid start-up

    Settings of a template usually don’t take a lot of time especially if you don’t want to change the structure or a colour scheme significantly.
    For example, if you want to install our CMS Open Real Estate it will take less than an hour to do it even for an inexperienced user and the site is ready for filling it in with listings and articles. If you still doubt who to do everything in a right way, you can ask our specialists to help with installation.
    Conclusion: for launching urgent projects a ready-to-use solutions come in handy.

  2. For budget-orientated projects

    "The more expensive, the better" is no more a rule in the field of site developing. The profit that your website will bring in the future doesn’t depend on the money you spend on its creation.
    The project popularity and the number of visitors much more depend on whether the rules are followed: user-friendly well structured design, correct display in all browsers, and of course useful content.
    A project development doesn’t always require a significant budget. In this case buy a template online and order integration. You will spare no less than $300-$500 as the prices on individual design start from the price of $1500.

  3. For completion the tasks of typical projects

    Before you start to work on a project think through the tasks the website should solve, in some cases ordering an individual design is counter-productive.
    E.g. the main thing in a private real estate agent’s website is personal data and experience description. For such a page it’s important to present this information in a smart way, while some creative solutions may seem excessive.
    Conclusion: the usage of bright and individual stile should be up to the point. A site is not a piece of art but a tool of a trade and is developed to solve you clients’ tasks and a smart template sometimes is enough for this.

  4. For work with several websites

    If you work with several websites at the same time a standard structure will make it significantly easier. Adding content to the sites which have their own requests to the font, format and picture sizes takes a lot of time. You will have to check constantly if the texts and photo are displayed in a nice way. At the same time, if you use templates you can forget about a lot of details of each resource.

  5. For inexperienced users

    Not all the elements of a unique design can be solved in the administration panel and it can become a problem for an inexperienced user. A standard solution suits you if it’s your first site and web technologies are not your cup of tea and you want to get a ready-to-use product which can be easily managed.

    Pay attention to the fact that when we say template we mean elaborated solutions made by professional designers.
    That is why if you want to create a site based on a template, buy it on popular ans safe resources, e.g. themeforest.
    An average price of an html-template is about $17.

When a unique design can be used?

  1. To differ from rivals

    Real estate is a highly competitive field so if you want to stand out from a lot of others providing the same services in any way possible in the design as well.
    The disadvantage of templates is their likeness and accessibility. In other words, the same template can be used by someone else. It’s especially unpleasant if you find the similar project execution at your direct competitors.

  2. To make a site with non-standard functions

    Individual style is especially suitable for large portal or aggregators.
    They usually have extended functions which cannot be released in standard solutions.
    Popular real estate portals are Airbnb,, CIAN, Avito which are trendsetters in their field. Due to a wide choice of features users can easily find almost any information that concern sales and house renting. A lot of real estate agents while developing their own websites look up at these resources.
    Obviously, one cannot do without an unique design with a smart user interface while developing such a site.

  3. To think through all the details

    It’s difficult to find a template which will perfectly suit all your needs, in spite of the fact that there is a enormous deal of free and paid templates on the Internet.
    If you want to have an in-depth development of each element, mull over all the nuances of a user’s actions on a website, you will need to work with a designer thoughtfully.
    The main advantage of such approach is that the usage of your portal will be extremely clear. They say up to the point that a good design is not seen as it won’t bring any discomfort while searching for information, registration, purchasing and applies.

  4. To develop a brand

    Real estate websites with unique designs contribute in a company image. If you position and develop a site in a smart way, it can also display the brand values besides fulfilling its main tasks. Such project requires more time on creating a prototype, graphics elaboration and cross-browser layout.
    A common situation: project managers often choose a template at first as the company lack time and budget and then they change a design after a website promotion. But it’s not worth it if your goal is to develop your own brand.
    If you have set a task to create a trustworthy image with the help of a site as well, create a unique design in the very beginning. Redesign in the process of promotion and advertising of a resource is not a good idea, you will have to make much more efforts to achieve any significant results.
    While developing prototypes you should take into account all the details: you will take an advantage if a designer elaborates the functions you are planning to implement in the process of a site development. Eventually you will need less time to make your ideas come true.

  5. Your budget is enough to launch a project

    Here we also mean that you should have both money and first of all time. A detailed elaboration of a website takes much more time than settings and small customisations of a template. However, it will result in a recognizable resource made in your own way.


  • Advantages of a template
    • Convenient solution for standard tasks

    • A rapid start up of a site

    • Budget-orientated

    • Developed on the basis of standard features for each site type

  • Advantages of a unique design
    • Unique style

    • Customisation of any functions

    • All the customer’s ideas even unusual ones can be implemented

    • Image value, smart position improves reputation and recognizability of a brand

We offer different solution in the field of real estate: both the development of a unique design from scratch and template integration.

Look here to find more information about the services and prices: Templates for Open Real Estate CMS