Tips on preparing objects for a photoshoot

Tips on preparing objects for a photoshoot

Listings about buying, selling and renting real estate are much more efficient when there are attached photos of objects. According to statistics listings with photos are seen 60% more often, so an agency is more likely to find a potential buyer. However, photos must be high quality, otherwise you may have counterproductive results.

Get the flat prepared for a photoshoot

Photoshop won’t help if the flat is in a mess. That’s why before shooting an object we advise you to get prepared. Of course you’d better ask a professional with high quality equipment to make the photos, but you can also make good pictures if you know some tricks.

  • Put unnecessary things away: personal belongings, home decorations which block and clatter the space up and may seem extra in a photo. Try to do your best to make the room look spacious and bright.
  • Furniture will help the buyers estimate the real size of a room. It’s better if there will be at least a table with chairs or a sofa in a shot.
  • To make the room look bigger we recommend you to shot 2 walls only, not 3 of them, otherwise there will be a box effect.
  • It’s better to make interior photo multidimensional as the users will look through such photos longer. Underline the style and coziness of the room with appropriate details: for example, you can put books or plants in the foreground of a room.
  • Don’t “overload” the horizon: mind that all the vertical and horizontal details in a photo should lay straight. Otherwise it can distort the geometry of a room and make faulty impressions about the proportions. It’s better to use a tripod.

Light a room in a proper way

It seems like natural daylight is the perfect option for making photos, however, it’s not like this. In a daylight, especially when it’s bright, there is a high contrast between the bright light out of the window and a room itself, which is not good for the photo quality. Windows will look like bright spots in the background of interior. That is why it is recommended to make photos in lamplight.

Moreover, views out of windows don’t always make a photo look prettier. In this case it’s better to close the drapes.

Choose the perspective

What exactly should you shot to publish in a listing? The main rule is that photos must be informative. Ideally, on the basis of picture a buyer should learn about the size of a flat, finishing, design and functionality.

Make general shots of each room interior both living and utility rooms: kitchen, bathroom, toilet, balcony. If the flat is sold with furniture you can also make some detailed photos of the pieces of furniture which you want to leave in a flat.

Edit photos

If you make a photo session according to these rules, photo edition will be minimum. It will only concern color correction: intensity, contrast, brightness. We recommend you not to overuse photoshop and not to make a room look like a picture in a fashion magazine, as such photos may look too different from real ones and potential buyers won’t trust you.

Mind that one good shot may be even more informative than any description, that’s why always take care of the quality of the photos you publish.