Building owner’s website

Building owner’s website

Building owner’s website

Flat choice depends on a building owner and making a solution about purchase takes long time, which sometimes lasts up to 6 month. A lot of factors have an impact on a buyer’s opinion. They try to estimate the risks, building quality, and the trustworthiness of the building owner.

What should a site of a building owner look like to satisfy the needs of the target audience?

The fact is that there can be different motives for decision making in different sections of real estate market. That’s why the way you provide the content and setting priorities in a site can be different and depend on what residence you’re building: economy class or upmarket.

Economy class residence

Price. The basic question that you should take into account while selling property in a mass segment is, of course, the price.

Trust. Another important problem for real estate buyers of economy class is the risk of being taken in. For this purpose in a site you must place: detailed documentation about all the projects, the building owner’s achievements, information about completed projects, construction process - it can be a webcam transmission or photos of an object in different stages of construction process.

Main documents that must be present in a site: building permission and project declaration. You can place organizational documents, that will, no doubt, increase the buyers’ confidence about the building owner.

Comfort. It would be strange if buyers hadn’t been looking for comfortable conditions for living, even if they buy economy flat. Important moments for making decisions that should be shown in a site: public transport nearby, developed amenities in the area: kindergardens, schools, shops.

Upmarket real estate

Buyers of upmarket properties have other arguments for buying a real estate.

Statusness. For such a client the price will be less important, than prestige values of the region or unique peculiarities of the residence. In a site you should point out the features that make your residence unique: the usage of advanced technologies and the choice of the high quality building materials, unusual architecture and space organisation. For such websites you must make stylish pictures of the project, and interiors.

Increased comfort. A buyer of premium property is not interested only in public transport access and social objects around. High level of comfort is obligatory for them: shops in the ground floor of a building, CCTV and a concierge, pleasant view out of he windows, equipped parking places. Point out that life in such residence will be comfortable and trouble-free.

Investment. Sometimes prestigious properties are bought as an object for investments. So a businessman will evaluate in their turn the income from investment, you should place in a site some statistics which will show the benefits from purchasing a flat in your residence.

In other words, a building owner’s website should satisfy the needs and motives of the target audience. If you have a detailed portrait of a potential customer and provide the solution they are looking for, site efficiency will significantly increase.