How to create a proper real estate listing

How to create a proper real estate listing

Real estate listing is one of the most important elements in a real estate website. It includes a detailed description of the object, its peculiarities and characteristics. Let's see what elements and characteristics must be in a listing to provide a client detailed information about the property they would like to rent or purchase.

Principles of placing the information in an object page

The main principle of placing some particular features in a listing is that all the information should help selling an object and show its advantages and peculiarities and also make a client trust you. It is achieved due to publishing reviews about a flat (for renting), high quality photos and videos of the property, full and trustworthy information about a seller.

"The Skeleton" of a property listing

Pay attention to the peculiarities of giving information in a site. According to numerous researches a track of user's sight while looking through an internet web page corresponds to "F" letter. That's why you should post necessary information according to this track.

An object listing can be conventionally divided into several sections.

Top left hand corner: navigation, heading + the image of an object and its video.
Top right hand corner: the so-called purchase section. In a property listing it's a field with data that concerns the target-action, namely renting or buying a property.
Bottom part: all the possible characteristics of the real estate object.

Elements of the real estate listings

Let's have a look at the elements of each section in a page.

  • Heading

    Usually a property address, number of rooms and square in different combinations are used as a heading. It lets a user filter the objects they need, as square and geographical position are usually the main values in choosing a flat.

  • Breadcrumbs

    Clear and convenient navigation lets a user return instantaneously in the section they need. Often there is a huge number of objects, that's why in a listing there must be a path up to the page, where the user is.

  • Object images: photo and video, panorama

    It's much more easier to get a full impression of a flat due to visual images. Photo or video will present a dwelling better than any description. That's why when you publish pictures make sure that they are of high quality.

Purchase section

This section serves directly for making a target action that's why it's better to make it as visible as possible. You can emphasize it with the changing of background color or brights buttons which call on actions.

Here it's relevant to place the following elements:

  • Price
  • Owner's/Realtor's contact details
  • Agency contact form
  • Booking application (for daily renting) with the indication of vacant days

Section with characteristics and an object description

In this section you should indicate all the possible characteristics of a dwelling which you offer. The more details, the better.

  • Text description
    Here you can post all the details which are not covered by different characteristics in "List your property form"
  • Floor and the number of floors
  • Square (whole and living)
  • Number of rooms
  • Number of beds (more suitable for renting)
  • Location in a map (for example, the use of services likeYandex.Maps, Google.Maps)
  • Nearest objects (metro stations, restaurants, educational, entertaining and medical institutes) including the distance to them
  • Accessibility and location of the public transport stations
  • Conveniences, consumer electronics: TV, WiFi, washing machine, kitchen appliances etc.
  • Customers' reviews (more suitable for daily renting)
  • Information about the building owner or residential complex

Similar objects

This section helps to hold a user up in a site and simplifies the navigation. If for some reasons the user is not satisfied with the flat they have viewed they can easily switch into viewing similar options.

Recently viewed objects

When the database is huge this function is very useful. With its help a user can easily return to the flats they have just viewed.


In a nutshell, a listing made in a proper way will do half of the real estate agent's work: present an object in a good way. When a listing of an object fulfills its objectives, a potential customer can easily imagine a property and then they will need less time to make a decision.