How to promote landing pages

How to promote landing pages

Landing page is a target page, its main task is to inspire a user to complete a particular step: buy, subscribe, fill in an application form. Usually such pages are created to attract advertising traffic, when you promote a particular product or a service.

There are several ways of promoting such pages, but the landing owners often wonder if it’s possible to promote it in organic search results.

We consider several types of pages as landing pages such as single page websites and landing as a page with a target action. So usually there are no troubles with multipage websites. So let’s take a closer look at single page websites.

Difficulties of landing page promoting

Some technical difficulties may occur during SEO-promotion of such sites.

Amount of content. The basis of SEO-promotion is texts. It is impossible to publish a lot of texts in landing pages, that’s why it’s difficult for such sites to compete with others.

The number of pages. Usually search systems put multipage websites above. Large portals may use inner links to improve behavioral factors, while landings don’t have such opportunities.

Semantic core. Landing usually advertise one product or service. It is difficult to promote it in all the fields the company is working in. That’s why the huge number of requests cannot be placed in a single page. Here the principle “one page – one group of requests” works. Only this way landing will fulfill its task in the most efficient way.

Target keywords. It’s impossible to promote landings on low and high frequency requests. That’s why for a single page website it’s better to choose low-frequency requests as it improves your chances to be in the top.

Buyers’ needs. Landing, as we said, in most cases advertise one product or service and doesn’t cover neighboring fields which can be interesting for users, so search systems analyze the users’ needs and choose websites with a wider range of goods and services. That’s why it’s quite common, that such portals are more likely to get in the top compared to the sites selling just one product.

However, landings also have their own advantages.

They get straight in the target audience.

If you have chosen the consumers of your service or product well, landing conversion will be much higher compared to regular website.

Quick performance. Single page websites weigh much fewer than a full website which is considered well for search systems.

Promotion strategies

How should landings be promoted? How can you manage all these technical limitations?

Here we will take a closer look at the steps that should be completed for a successful work of a single page website.

  1. Choose requests. For a page you can add from 5 up to 25 key words: 1 high frequency request, up to 5 medium frequency requests, others must be low frequency requests.
  2. Work with texts. Get rid of extra information. Your offer should be as clear and simple as possible.
  3. Work with behavioral factors, you should make a user spend in your website as much time as possible. You can use interactive elements to achieve it, such as price calculators, online consultants etc.
  4. Optimize commercial factors. Check if all the basic elements like phone numbers and firm contact details. If necessary add online chat, additional application forms, social networks buttons. Check if you have prices in the site and if the whole range of products is published in a site, if all the current special offers are present.
  5. Carry out technical audit. As for any websites you should set a mirror, file robots.txt, fix errors in the layout if you have some, write title, check, if it corresponds the page content.

Important details for landing page promotion

  1. You shouldn’t have any errors in the layout: texts, pictures and background must be in the proper places. The layout must be responsive.
  2. Text must hit the spot: the offer should take into account the target audience’s needs.
  3. Before making a landing, check, if there are any other landings in your field which head search results. If there are no such landings, take into account that promoting will be difficult.
  4. In a page you should interact with a user as much as possible. That’s why interactive elements (e.g. estimation of the service price) published in a site may become a decent solution.
  5. Be ready to enlarge landing structure. If you want to be promoted according to the large number of requests, sooner or later you will have to increase the number of pages.

Other ways of attracting traffic

We’ve described you necessary actions for seo-promotion, but you can also attract traffic in some other ways.

Context advertisement. The fastest way to get new customers. Usually high quality settings with a good analysis of the market, choosing keys, writing advertisement texts takes about 2-3 days.

Social networks. Advertisement in social networks can also bring high quality target traffic. It can be targeted advertisement, promotion in groups. Social networks are very convenient because you can choose the users well and show advertising materials only for people of particular sex, age and with particular hobbies.

Email-traffic. It’s easier to sell the goods to people who are subscribed to your newsletters, subscription means that a person is interested in your products or services.

To promote landing pages in the most efficient way we recommend you to start with all the means described in the article. After you get first outcome and analyze it, you can do away with inefficient channels and pay more attention to those promotion means which bring you more revenue.