How to sell property with video

How to sell property with video

How to sell property with video

Video content has become a popular way for business promotion long ago, that’s why it will be a drawback not to use this channel for selling real estate. Moreover, video opportunities in this field are even greater comparing to photos and especially text description.

So why does an agency need a video for selling objects?

  1. To show an object in motion. There are photos and descriptions in each real estate website, however, the video coverage of flats or an area where they are situated are more rare. It will help you to be different from your rivals.
  2. To cover the information which cannot be covered in other ways. For example, a property owner can publish a video overview of the construction process, and show the technologies that are used.
  3. Use personal approach. Shots of the objects with a realtor’s comments behind the screen, the leader who is telling about the company themselves increases the user’s trust and lets them understand that the company takes responsibility for its words and promises. Probably, the agency’s leader is a charismatic person, who tells about their endeavours much more better than a manager.
  4. Show the atmosphere. Nothing can reflect the atmosphere of the region or the building better than a video. It can reflect the emotions better than any other visualization means.

Types of video content for real estate website

Promotion video

Promo videos, where you can cover information about the company, residential complex or an object is what you must have in your youtube channel. Not everybody reads advertisement, high quality videos quite often will tell you much more than any words.

However, don’t overpublish commercial, such content is possible only within reasonable limits. So commercial won’t grasp the users’ attention for a long time, so you should bring them some benefits. That’s why let’s analyze different types of video content.

Educative video

Short educative promo is a good format not only for real estate. In this field there are a lot of details and pitfalls, so you can teach your audience on these topics as there are a lot of content. You can also cover some legal aspects of making a deal, telling about mortgage, taxes, some examples from life like heritage disputes, division of property after divorce etc.

We recommend you not to make these video long as it will be much more efficient to think of a several episodes where some particular questions from the topic will be covered. Such video will be easier for perception as it is tiresome to listen to the video for a long time even if the information is useful.

Informative video

The most popular format of such content type is, no doubt, overview. It can be an overview of a new building, residental complex, or a region, where the property is situated, or just some particular objects.

To attract the user’s attention and make him curious such video should include firstly, really useful information, secondly, high quality video sequence.

Video quality

We cannot but mention that the video should be of high quality. Particularly if you make it to show elite or abroad real estate. Here amateur video made in a smartphone won’t fit, as it will cast a lot of doubts for the users.

It’s better to think through the script: the sequence of what you would like to show, how much time you would like to spend on a particular aspect. Another important moment is your skills in editing of the video and follow some particular rules. Of course it’s better when a professional does it. They will give you a clue about an interesting approach, make a stress in the needed places and make the video more entertaining.

So video can contribute a lot in your agency and make it alive, high quality video will make you special offers even more attractive. In general, video is a good way to be better than your competitor. However, remember, that video is perceived with more emotions so take care about the technical side of the shooting and a good editing.