Series of popular questions about our web software

Series of popular questions about our web software

Series of popular questions about our web software

May I make changes in a product myself?

Sure, Open Real Estate CMS has the open source code! If you have necessary skills in programming, you can customize the product at its own discretion.
It should be added that the errors connected with the additional functionality which is not entering in the "box" and which was set up not by our experts we repair on a fee-paying only.

Can I buy and install the modules on the website working?

Our CMS has add-ons architecture therefore if you work with the free version now and you want to expand its opportunities, at any time you can buy the necessary modules.
For your convenience we integrated them in thematic groups, depending on what is required to you a functionality. The packet of modules can be bought at a substantial discount.
For example, if you want to enter paid services, you need a packet "Monetization of a real estate website" and if you are engaged in promotion – "Advertisement and promotion".
With these modules entering the packet it is possible to set up auto-posting in social networks or to download listings from the website in the popular service Yandex.Realty.

It is written in your website that the period of providing current versions is one year. What should I do when this period is over? Should I pay again?

Not necessarily. When you buy any version of Open Real Estate CMS you get lifetime license which means that you have you current version for an unlimited term.
Moreover, within a year after purchase you can ask for new versions of the script, if there were any updates. To do it you should write to our support team and say the e-mail you used to purchase the script.
In a year after purchase you can still use the software. You should pay only if you need new updates which we release. The price of your license extension in a year after purchase will cost 50% of the current software price.

Can I buy the paid version by instalments

Yes, there is the possibility open to you.
Payment by instalments is provided with the following conditions: payments are made once a month by three parts: the first - 50%, the second - 25%, the third - 25%.
Temporarily, just until, the overall cost of the version will be paid, the website is placed on our hosting (the cost is 10 US dollars for a month), you get the access in the administrator panel for filling and the website control. As soon as you pay the overall cost of a product, we provide full access to the website (to FTP and database), and you can move your website to a hosting convenient or stay on our hosting. It should be noted that our hosting is set up and optimized taking into account the particularities of the product.

One more of the most frequent question – how to change a logo of our CMS to your own?

Please read the article: Open Real Estate settings after the installation

We strongly urge before the installation, follow to the website sections:

And answers to many questions or the hint can be received from our developers at the forum: