Why does a real estate agency need a website?

Why does a real estate agency need a website?

When you create a real estate website or some other sites, first of all, you should take into account the aims which you want to achieve when you launch the project. Not long ago not every agency needed its own resource, however, in the modern world if you don't have a website you loose a great deal of financially reliable customers.

If you are still in doubt, if you need a website for your real estate agency or not, here we offer you at least 9 reason why you should at least think about it.

To attract the audience

If you promote a website well, it will become an efficient platform for attracting clients. Moreover, using the tools of internet marketing you can cover a wider audience comparing to the usage of traditional offline means (such as advertisement in mass media or TV commercials). The wider the coverage, the higher the chance to significantly increase the sales of the agency.

To be available around the clock

Your real estate agency office is unlikely to work 24/7. But the site is a full representative of a company where potential clients can get answers to all their questions anytime day or night. Furthermore, before going to an agency users often choose property that fit them in your data base of property objects.

For the resource to fulfill its functions in an effective way think through the actions you expect from a visitor and place there so called "capture points" - contact forms, an opportunity to leave a request or to ask a question to a consultant via online chat.

One of the most convenient tools of the trade for instant communication with clients is Jivosite. It is compatible with all types of the devices and lets you to be in touch whenever and wherever you need it.

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To represent a company

Site is a wonderful opportunity to provide your potential client with the information about your agency which can be turned to advantage. Here you can place a description of services, data about your employees, the percentage of successful deals and other data which proves your qualification and skills.

You must think through the way you give the information, first impressions about the company depend on the right positioning, and a client will make a decision whether to work with you or not taking them into account.

To build the best reputation

Real estate field is one of the branches where good reputation of an agency is a basis of its successful development and prosperity. Via website you can increase the level of credit to your company.

Positive feedback of your clients, awards, effective cooperation with banks on mortgage lending is what forms your good image in your clients' eyes.

To prove your professionalism put the FAQ block on your website with full answers by specialists.

To increase sales

Of course, neglecting some details you can tell that the main aim of almost every website is to increase sales.

To do it you should present the property objects in a right way, think through the navigation and make the search in the site as convenient as possible for both advanced and amateur internet users.

The listing of a property type should include detailed information about it. Besides basic options such as address and the location on a map, the number of rooms and modern conveniences, also make a 3D tour in the rooms, mark the nearest public transport stops and social objects.

Additional information will help a user to make a decision about purchasing an object.

Of course, an object should include a contact data of the real estate agent who is in charge of the property.

Example: real estate listing -,-66.796875,16.888659,-126.826172_rect/3_zm/

To gather data

Site is a convenient way of gathering or expanding the database of potential clients. To do this there are a lot of contact forms, registration in a site and other features are used according to your goal.

To handle with data

A real estate agency doesn't only keep the database of your clients but also process the data received from clients.

For instance, our real estate script lets to create three types of users on a site: agent, agency and an individual person. If necessary an agency can manage the listings of its agents. This feature significantly simplifies the interaction in a company.

Managing the users

To look for employees

A real estate agency site is not only a mean of communication with potential clients but also a tool for searching for employees. If one of your agency goals is to gather high professional real estate agents, put a job offer on a site and write about the benefits of working in your company. It can be the information about the working conditions, training activities and social guarantees.

To advertise your company

Your own resource lets you use your advertising opportunities. You can promote only your agency objects. If you have a large portal, one of the means of earning money via your website is to sell advertisement places for banners. Pay attention to the fact that it's better to have ads which correspond to the topic of your site, in this way it won't be so annoying for the users and will be more efficient.