Work with real estate in social networks

Work with real estate in social networks

Work with real estate in social networks

Social media for business is a mean of quick communication between a company and a customer, way of detecting the needs of potential buyers, increasing their knowledge about the company occupation and increasing loyalty to the brand.

Own page in networking services, community or a group, may become a rule decency for real estate agencies and real estate agents and the addition to a website. The topics of the group can be general (promote several types of services connected with real estate), or more specific, for instance, group that is devoted to the construction of a particular block of flats.

In our today's article we will tell you about the benefits of a page in a social network and how to make it in a proper way.

1. Group objectives

Before you create a group ask a question which aims you want to achieve with this way of promotion and also if you have enough time for the group. "Dead" group will be even more detrimental than no group at all.

One of the main objectives of the community is to increase the level of trust to the agency, real estate agent or property developer. It helps to show your strong points and to make a client choose you.

2. Content strategy

What is a potential client looking for in social networks?

Usually they search for real feedback, communication with other customers, the opinion of dwellers, who already purchased a flat from this property builder, information about the construction process and also estimation from experts.

People tend to believe those, who have common interests, that is why they will share the information about the objects and services of an agency that were done at high quality.

According to this data you should add news and stimulate the activity in networking services.

3. Characteristics of an effective group

What should you do to keep followers and attract new ones?

In the group there must be constant work with subscribers: an agency should monitor feedback, answer the customers' questions and comments.

Types of content for a real estate community:

  • Advertisement about objects (convenient place, price, etc.)
  • Information about construction process
  • Advise on repairs, interior design. There you can also recommend contractors for finishing of a new property, advertise their services
  • Discussions on buying new property, information about legal advice on purchasing a new property

If the users in a group are not active enough, you should be the initiator of a discussion. When the question of buying and selling is pivotal, the topic will attract customers and they will join the discussion themselves.

In a nutshell, we would like to point it out again that the efficiency of a group in social networks is constant activity, current up-to-date information, quick response and, within reasonable limits, unusual approach to the posts in the group.

So before you create a community, think carefully if you can devote enough time to it.

To make the group work for promotion you will have to response quickly to all the possible actions of your target audience.