An unusual way of Open Real Estate script usage

An unusual way of Open Real Estate script usage

In this article, you will find out how to create a ready to use the site for selling wines from a real estate site based on Open Real Estate CMS.

You can also try to make your own site on selling cars, yachts, mobiles etc in a similar way.

We took paid version PRO as a basis. However, you can complete the steps below in free version as well with module "The extended form editor".

Before you start working on the site delete all the demo listings which are included in the CMS "out of the box"

Then let's delete all the property types and add a new one, for example, "Bordeaux wine".

As there cannot be any property types in a wine site, let's rename "Property type", for example, into "Listed under"

You can do it in section "Translations".

After that "Property type" won't be shown in table "Forms editor" but "Listed under". That's what we need!

After that, we turn off types of listings which we are not going to use. We have wines only for sale, so let's turn off the following listing types: rent per hour/per day/per week/per month, buy and exchange.

Please mind that it's not possible to delete standard fields from a section "Forms editor" as they are necessary for successful performance of CMS.

Though if you have a good technical background in PHP and MySQL you can also easily remove these standard fields from the site.

We will complete the same steps to change other fields in the same way as the field "Property type".

For sure we can say that a wine selling site doesn't need such fields like "The number of rooms", "Floor/Total number of floors", "Square", "View", "What is near?", "Number of beds", "Note" and "Land square".

Taking this into account let's hide the fields not to show them while adding and viewing listings.

To do it you should just remove check marks in the checkboxes outlined in the screenshot below and click "Save".

When you hide the visibility of several unnecessary fields the data in the table should look like this.

Now let's have a look at the process of additional fields creating in details.

For instance, let's take 2 fields such as "Wine colour" and "Aged in oak barrels". Fields like this are necessary for a wine sales website.

Let's open section "Categories of references" and delete all the information, as we won't need the information which is included in a software "out of the box".

Add new category "Wine colour" with type "Category for the forms editor".

Then we will add in section "Categories of references" and add values for the category.

In the same way, we can add a category "Aged in oak barrels" and values for the category.

As a result of the table "Categories of references" will look like this.

After that, you should do these references available while editing and viewing the listings.

To do it click on the button "Add a field" in section "Forms editor".

Fill in the fields as follows:

  • Type: Reference
  • Reference: Wine colour
  • Label: Wine colour
  • Display: Display in the 'Addition' Tab
  • For the search: Wine colour
  • Comparison of the search: The field must be equal to

In the same way, we should add a field "Aged in oak barrels"

Fill in the fields as follows:

  • Type: Reference
  • Reference: Aged in oak barrels
  • Label: Aged in oak barrels
  • Display: Display in the 'Addition' Tab
  • For the search: Aged in oak barrels
  • Comparison of the search: The field must be equal to

It's most likely that you will have to add a lot of others additional fields to create a website like this, e.g. "Kind of grape", "Ageing", "Sweetness" etc. You can do it in the same way.

After you add all the necessary data don't forget to edit search filter. To do it you should click on the button "Edit the search form" in a section "Forms editor" and use the search filter constructor.

Of course, you should add listings, change the images in "Slideshow management" module into the images which reveal the topic of the site. Then you should edit the translations in section "Translations" for them to correspond the new site, check everything again and you can launch the portal.

After all the efforts your website for selling wines will look like this.