Module "Slide-show management"

Module 'Slide-show management'

Module 'Slide-show management' enables to manage easily the content of the slide-show on the home page.

With the module you can tune the following settings directly from the admin panel:

  • Upload and remove images for the slider on the home page
  • Give a title to an image (the text which is displayed in the image)
  • Create a link which will redirect to the required page while clicking on the image
  • Manage the slide-show of the uploaded images

If the module 'Slide-show management' is installed you can manage its settings in the section 'Module management' in the admin panel:

Status management of the module 'Slide-show management for Open Real Estate'

If the module 'Slide-show management' is enabled a section 'Slide-show management on the Home page' will appear in the admin panel menu:

Module 'Slide-show management' in the admin panel of Open Real Estate

On the page of the module you see the list of uploaded images, for each image there is information about its status (which can be changed on the click of a corresponding icon) , title and a link.On the same page you can change the images order, go to image settings, remove images and upload new ones:

Slide-show management in Open Real Estate

In image settings you can give a title to an image in all the languages of the website and create a link which will redirect to the required page while clicking on the image:

Management of image settings in the slide-show of Open Real Estate

The administrator can use the "Ambilight" effect while uploading an image. This effect allows to create a beautiful blurring of the image edges if it doesn't correspond to the slider's size. The effect is applied if PHP is compiled with a built-in GD library, as it uses PHP function imagefilter.