Module 'The extended form editor'

Module 'The extended form editor'

With module ‘The extended form editor’ you can create new fields and references for listings and the search. You can also sort the fields. To do that, choose the tab – General or Additional – and sort the fields with arrows in the most right column.

When you edit the field, you can set where the tab will be displayed - in general or additional tab. You can set the visibility of the field – visible to all, to authorized users, to owner and admin, to admin only. It’s possible to set the fields display for particular property types. Display and visibility can’t be configured for a number of fields. If you need a prompt to a field, you can set it here in different languages. The prompt will be visible under the added field while editing the listing.

If module ‘The extended form editor’ is installed to the site, in the corresponding area in the admin panel there will be two additional links – ‘Add a field’ and ‘Edit the search form’.

Add a field

With a link ‘Add a field’ you can add new fields for properties. You should set the type of every new field:

  • A reference is a drop-down list with values. A new reference is created specifically for the forms editor in ‘Categories of references’ area.
  • Numerical field will contain only numerals.
  • Textbox is a usual text field, containing just one line of the text.
  • Large textbox is a text field which can contain multiple text lines.
  • Large textbox with WISIWIG is a text field with a visual text editor.

The name of the field can be translated into multiple languages. Validation rules for a field are set to configure how the fields are validated when saving a listing. In the field ‘For the search’ you can set constant’s value (translation).This name will be shown in the search form and will be a prompt while searching by this field. Comparison in the search – here you can set how the search by the field is carried out.

You should take into account, that the added field won’t be accounted by ‘Import/export listings’ module.

Editing the search form

The search form can be configured for every property type. To do it, choose a necessary property type and with a mouse drag the fields to the form on the left. Then press ‘Save’ button. It will result in changing search form when a particular property is chosen.