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In the new version of Open Real Estate CMS, we have added the ability of listings automatic publication in Telegram to the "Posting of listings to social networks" module. Let's see how to configure this option.

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Dolphin theme setting

A new design theme Dolphin for Open Real Estate CMS released in 2019. The theme based on the CSS framework Bootstrap 3. It is adaptive and looks good as on a smartphone so on a wide monitor. There is support for RTL languages. The theme stands out of other ones some functions and we will discuss it below.

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Create a page and display the listing widget in Open Real Estate using the code Yii

Today we’ll learn how easy to create a new page and add a listing widget with specific criteria. To do this, we need the Notepad ++ editor or any other code editor with utf-8 without bom encoding support. If you want to make all the improvements locally, then you will need a local web server, the Open Server is well suited for this - If you work with files on a hosting, then it is convenient to use FileZilla FTP client -

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Settings the Theme “Basis”, Part 2

In this article we will consider the directory structure of the Theme Basis, settings of the home page and several widgets.

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Customizing Themes "Atlas" and "Basis"
  • How to change the name of the site;
  • Change the logo in the Theme "Atlas";
  • How to change links in the top menu for the Atlas template;
  • How to change links in the top menu for the template Basis;
  • Change the bottom of the site (footer) in the Atlas template;
  • Change the bottom of the site (footer) in the Theme "Basis";
  • View listing: how to remove the text "Is it your listing? Would you like to rent out a property quicker? apply paid services" in Atlas and Basis Themes.

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Settings the Theme “Basis”

In this article we will consider how to change logo, customize marker on the contact map, remove the side menu, swap columns.

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Help system configuring "Property types"

The functionality of convenient addition of rooms in hotels has appeared in the new Open Real Estate version. An additional tab "Rooms" was developed in the editing form of hotels. The owner of an object can see all hotel rooms and add them as well in this tab in a tabular style.

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How to install Open Real Estate CMS on hosting

Our clients often don’t know what hosting they should choose to place their real estate website on Open Real Estate CMS? We recommend you to use our partner’s hosting InMotion. In this article we will tell you how to install Open Real Estate in a virtual hosting of this hosting company.

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An unusual way of Open Real Estate script usage

In this article you will find out how to create a ready to use site for selling wines from a real estate site based on Open Real Estate CMS.

You can also try to make your own site on selling cars, yachts, mobiles etc in the similar way.

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Open Real Estate settings after the installation

So you have installed our real estate script.

What should you do at first? Add listings at once? Or create users? Or maybe you should add some additional fields for listings in the "Extended form editor"?

Don't jump the gun.

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