Module 'Tariff Plans'

Module 'Tariff Plans'

With this extension you will be able to:

  • Restrict view of listing owners phone numbers;

  • Hide 'Address' field in listing view form (by standard this field contains an exact object address);

  • Set limit to number of listing photos;

  • Limit number of listings a user can add;

  • Set period and cost of tariff plans (if the same tariff plan is bought multiple times, the periods don't sum up).

Thanks to the module you can get profit from your site, offering the options listed above only to users on paid tariff plans.
By default user without any paid tariff plan is on Free tariff plan. Thus, Free tariff plan can't be deleted.

If the module is installed, you can turn it on/off in 'Modules management' area in the admin panel:
Management of module 'Tariff plans' status for Open Real Estate

Attention: module 'Tariff plans' won't work without module 'Paid services and payments'.

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