Module 'Seasonal prices'

Module 'Seasonal prices'

Module 'Seasonal prices' allows to set different prices to rental properties for different periods.

Now the price field of a rental listing looks like this while creating and editing:

Setting cost to a period in Open Real Estate

You can add any period (e.g., from May until September), give it a name (e.g., "High season") and set a price to it:

Creating of multiple periods in module 'Seasonal prices'

In the listing the periods and prices look like this:

Multiple periods with different prices in the listing

You can sort periods in the listing:

Modification of periods order in the listing

If any of the seasonal prices fits search criteria, the listing comes up in the search results.

If module 'Seasonal prices' is installed, you can configure it in 'Modules management area' in the admin panel:

Management of module 'Seasonal prices' status for Open Real Estate