Module "Moderators"

Module 'Moderators'

'Moderators' module adds one more type of users, i.e. 'a moderator' to ready made realy script Open Real Estate CMS.

The moderator is in fact an administrator with limited rights, who has an access to the following sections:

  • Listings
  • Comments
  • Complaints
  • Booking a property
  • Users
  • Clients
  • News
  • Q&As
  • IP Blacklist

The menu of the moderator's panel gives a better idea of available functions and looks as follows:

Menu sections of the moderator's panel in Open Real Estate

Delegating authorities to the moderator enables several employees to manage the website, while only the administrator has an access to important settings.

If 'Moderators' module is installed you can manage its status in the section 'Modules management' of admin panel:

Management of the status of 'Moderators' module for Open Real Estate

To create a user with the type 'moderator', you are to select the corresponding role while adding or editing a user.