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How to create a proper real estate listing

Real estate listing is one of the most important elements in a real estate website. It includes a detailed description of the object, its peculiarities and characteristics. Let's see what elements and characteristics must be in a listing to provide a client detailed information about the property they would like to rent or purchase.

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Tips on preparing objects for a photoshoot

Listings about buying, selling and renting real estate are much more efficient when there are attached photos of objects. According to statistics listings with photos are seen 60% more often, so an agency is more likely to find a potential buyer. However, photos must be high quality, otherwise you may have counterproductive results.

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20 selling features for a real estate website

There are a lot of tools of the trade you will use to increase the sales! Check, if you don’t use one of the ways described here – it high time to start using it as well. Test different solutions and make changes, implement something new and increase sales.

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Google news: warning about an increase in spammy links

A search engine reminds that links purchase doesn’t longer work and makes a detrimental impact on the positions of your resource in search results.

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Open Real Estate 1.20.1

The new version of CMS Open Real Estate has been released.

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Open Real Estate Update 1.20.0

A new version of Open Real Estate was released.

Learn more about new functions following the link:

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Are landing pages useful in a real estate field?

Real estate is a highly competitive field, that is why it is very important to use all the possible ways for promotion and advertisement to increase sales. No doubt, one of the ways for attracting clients is creating landing pages for different industry specific requests.

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How to keep a client on your real estate website if object search did not give any positive results

If a client doesn't find in your agency database a property that has all the necessary parameters, they usually get to the page “No listings yet”, “The objects haven’t been found” or “The are no search results for…” In this article we will tell you the ways of keeping a user in a site, even if at the moment there are no objects they want..

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Baden-Baden: New Yandex algorithm of identifying text spam

The article will be interesting for people who are promoting their resource in Russia.

On the 23rd of March 2017 Yandex has announced the introduction of a new algorithm on identifying pages with the excessive use of key words. New algorithm is called Baden-Baden.

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