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Instagram for real estate agencies: useful tips

Instagram is becoming more popular year by year. It is used by celebrities, businessmen and a lot of successful people, a lot of users are stuck there for 24 hours a day. Taking into account this trend there are several advice on how to create and what to add in your real estate account in Instagram.

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Main channels of a real estate website promotion

In conditions of severe competition between real estate agencies it’s important to use as much channels for attracting clients in a site as possible. Let’s consider the most popular ones.

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Why does a real estate agency need a website?

When you create a real estate website or some other sites, first of all, you should take into account the aims which you want to achieve when you launch the project. Not long ago not every agency needed its own resource, however, in the modern world if you don't have a website you loose a great deal of financially reliable customers.

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Tips: how to improve objects search form in a real estate website

One way or another, the main objective of a user in a real estate portal is to find a property to sell or rent, so the base of object exists in the most of real estate agency websites. To simplify the search for potential clients it's important to make this process convenient.

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Basic recommendation for a website promotion

The work on the website is not only its creation. If you want to get income from a corporate portal you should constantly attract customers.

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A real estate website: template or unique solution?

The discussions about the best design solution for a real estate website has been led for a long time and the issue hasn’t been solved yet. What is better: a ready-to-use template or a unique design is a big debate.
We recommend you to make a choice according to the tasks your website should solve.

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Responsive site, mobile version or application: what fits your project better?

Yandex research shows, that the number of people who use tablets and smartphones to surf the web is increasing. A good website, first of all, takes into account the users’ needs. If you take care of you customers, content supply should be as convenient as possible. So you cannot do without content adjustment for mobile devices.

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10 content ideas for a real estate agency

The main thing on a website is content, as eventually a user visit any internet resource seeking for information (maybe except gaming). It can be just data about an organisation, for example, contact details, or product overview.

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Advantages of Open Real Estate. Part 1. Estate agent's website

CMS Open Real Estate is a multi functional ready-to-use solution for creation real estate websites. Our system lets you create different types of websites according to the tasks and services of a project.

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Why do you need to buy 'Atlas' theme in April?

Search engines incessantly improve and modify search results algorithms.

As it often happens, there's no enough energy and time to keep up with all innovations in SEO and edit the site content.

However, we're having a very good news for you!

A fail-free possibility to rank your site higher in search results (at least in Google) is to buy our 'Atlas' theme.

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